Conditioner VOLUME

Moisturizes, Strengthens & Adds Volume


Sojourn Conditioner Volume moisturizes, strengthens and protects fine, dry, dull, limp and lifeless hair without weighing it down. Enhanced with extra UV protection and advanced technology to prevent colour loss and boost volume for beautifully lustrous hair that is healthy and manageable.


  • pH 4.5 5.5
  • Keratin Cashmere and Cystine
  • Blow dry for maximum volume
  • Extra UV protection and advanced technology to protect colour and boost volume


  • Shampoo Smooth
  • Conditioner Volume


Place a small amount of Shampoo Smooth in the palm of the hand and apply to damp hair. Massage into hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse. Repeat steps with Conditioner Volume.


Leaves hair silky soft, ultra shiny, and full of volume without adding weight.

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